Original title : LA BOUSE

10 X 22'



As an intent to not finish on the rocks, the Cognard brothers, the worst and most crooked farmers of the french peasantry are ready to anything: steroids, antibiotics, spoiled pesticide, banned fertilizer, nothing stops them... They keep on scamming anyone to try and sell their production to Superbig, the only hyper discount store of the county, until the day the young Pauline Leroy settle her biological farm in front of their own.





Production companies : FrenchKiss Pictures, Be-FILMS
Producers : Aurélie Meimon, Noor Sadar, Christophe Louis
Broadcasters : OCS, BeTV
Broadcast year : 2017
Writers : Stanislas Carré de Malberg, Charles Van Tieghem, Jean-Paul Bathany
Directors : Stanislas Carré de Malberg, Charles Van Tieghem
Director of photography : Bruno Degrave
Composers : Romain Vissol, Théophile Collier, Damien Meyer, Didier Robin
Featuring : Nicolas Martinez, François Pain-Touznel, Driss Ramdi, Berengère Mcneese, Olivier Massart, Renaud Rutten, Delphine Baril